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Hawk Fabrication
01What is important to look for in a security gate company?
Do your contractor have license? How many years they have been in business? What number of gate installations they have done? Do they have a dedicated service department that answers the phone?
02Gate Maintenance Programs
Gate operates usually in outdoors, exposed to rain and sun, not to mention the wind blowing dirt into the mechanisms. Yearly maintenance will keep the gate working like new. Some gates with high cycle usage require more checks that are frequent.
03Are sliding or swinging gates better?
It depends. For the multifamily applications, sliding gates offer more control on access and less occurrences of forced entrance. However, in case of swinging gates, they need less daily basis maintenance and are looks more elegant.
04Where Are CCTV Systems Installed?
Usually CCTV systems are installed in commercial and residential properties. With the advancement of technology, the systems are not conspicuous and not compromise the aesthetics of the area. While installing CCTV systems homes and workplaces, important part is the location of the cameras as they must cover most of the risk prone area. For example, access points such as front and rear doors.
05Why the CCTV Systems Used?
Video surveillance systems protect people and property through the monitoring/recording of the area under surveillance. In residential properties, they safeguard residents’ wellbeing and protect their property, whereas in commercial environments they protect staff and business assets.
06Does the CCTV Work In the Dark?
CCTV cameras that feature monochrome mode, like IR (infrared) cameras, can capture video footage in dark environments. The quality of the footage depends on lighting conditions, with better lighting providing better quality video footage.